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AiMage Tools presents a revolutionary blend of AI generative tools and blockchain technology. AiMage stands out by making sophisticated AI technology, like DALLE-3, accessible and user-friendly. The project aims to bridge the technology gap for general users, allowing them to generate creative content, develop business initiatives, or explore digital frontiers. AiMage's integration with blockchain ensures security, anonymity and transparency, offering a new approach to accessing AI capabilities through the $AiMAGE token, establishing AiMage at the forefront of the AI revolution.

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The $AiMAGE tax structure is straightforward, with a 3% tax on all buy and sell transactions. The proceeds from these taxes are strategically allocated with 1% each towards Marketing, Development, and the AiMage Chest, ensuring continuous growth, development, and exposure of the AiMage ecosystem. However, the AiMage team has also designed a system in which the $AiMAGE token becomes deflationary through the use of the AiMage Bot.

For every Potion package that is purchased, 33% of the profit from the sale will be used to burn AiMage Tokens. This means that the supply will be decreasing over time, fueled by the ongoing use of the AiMage Bot and the utility of the AiMage Token. The AiMage Bot is not just for token holders, as the incorporation of Crypto Currency and later FIAT packages mark a strategic move to make AiMage's offerings more accessible to a mainstream audience. This integration bridges the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional payment methods, expanding the user base to include real-world AI enthusiasts and graphic design professionals.

AiMage Gemstone

Contract Address: CA: 0x4872208c83acbfd7f6dea5aa6ce6d5d7aed2ac1c

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AiMage has a comprehensive plan to develop a premier suite of AI tools, building and developing products to make AI more accessible and cost-effective for all. Plans are underway for an aggressive real-world marketing campaign, highlighting AiMage's readiness to make a significant impact outside the conventional crypto and AI spaces. The roadmap reflects an ambitious yet calculated approach to establishing AiMage as a leader in AI technology applications. The future of AiMage is one where advanced AI tools are not just a luxury but a readily accessible resource for everyone.

Phase One

  1. $AiMAGE Token Launch ✓
  2. Website Release ✓
  3. Marketing Magic
  4. Launch of AiMage Bot
  5. Whitepaper Release

Phase Two

  1. Launch of AiMage Premium
  2. Paid Tier Implementation
  3. Partnership Development
  4. Exclusive NFT Access Launch
  5. AiMage dApp Release

Phase Three

  1. AiMage Bot v2 Update
  2. Telegram Group Integration
  3. Bot Partnerships
  4. AiMage NFT Minting Platform
  5. FIAT Payment Integration

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