AiMage Tools

Core Technology

AiMage Bot leverages DALLE-3 for its unparalleled ability in image generation, ensuring that the visual outputs are not only accurate but also creatively aligned with user inputs. Complementing DALLE-3, AiMage Bot incorporates proprietary algorithms, enhancing the tool’s capabilities in areas such as sticker background removal and image enhancement. This dual approach of utilizing existing AI advancements while adding unique improvements positions AiMage at the forefront of AI image generation. A significant aspect of AiMage Bot’s technical prowess is its design as a layer 2 solution, built from the ground up to ensure scalability and robustness. This infrastructure is designed to handle a growing number of requests efficiently, ensuring that AiMage Bot remains responsive and reliable as user engagement increases.

AiMage Tools

Continuous Development

The AI specialists and full-stack developers of the AiMage team are dedicated to continuously refining and expanding AiMage Bot’s capabilities. Many cutting-edge features are detailed below, however the AiMage Bot developers are already nearing the implementation stage for several improvements, including image editing with content style refinement, region control of image editing, as well as animated content. These developments are all aligned with the same goal of broadening the range of creative possibilities available to our users.

AiMage Tools

AiMage Research

The AiMage team is pioneering advancements in generative AI, focusing on enhancing the capabilities of the AiMage Bot to surpass existing benchmarks. Recognizing the limitations of current generative models, they are developing innovative solutions that address issues such as the accurate incorporation of text into images, ensuring a higher fidelity in final outputs. Furthermore, they are investing in sophisticated watermarking techniques that are resistant to tampering, enabling reliable tracing of AI-generated content. The team is also refining vectorization processes, making it easier for businesses to edit and customize AI-generated logos. This multifaceted approach positions AiMage Bot at the forefront of AI creativity, providing users with a tool that is both powerful and user-friendly.

AiMage Tools

Language Translation

The AiMage team identified an opportunity to improve accessibility for non-English speakers which is not currently addressed by existing generative AI platforms. Therefore, the AiMage Bot will soon include a language translation layer for international users, as well as voice input/output capabilities.

Invisible Watermarking

Identifying AI-generated content in the wild can be tricky. Watermarking images to identify them as such is common, however most techniques are either vulnerable to cropping, partial or complete edits, and advanced removal using AI tools. By evaluating these methods, our AI specialists will develop appropriate methods for digitally identifying content generated or modified with our tools.

Logo Vectorization

Current methods for automatic vectorization do not always generate vectorized content that can easily be edited by a human. Therefore, AiMage is developing proprietary algorithms that aim to address that issue by generating geometries that are equivalent in result, but meaningfully segmented into easily editable files that businesses can reuse and tweak for their use.

Text Painting

Current state-of-the-art AI generative models often face shortcomings in representing text on generated images, with reasons ranging from inadequate prompting by the user to sub-optimal optimization and processing by the AI itself. At AiMage, the team have identified several methods that can be used to improve textual representation in post-processing. New methods are being evaluated regularly and will be integrated accordingly in order to optimize text representation by theAiMage Bot.

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